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Phew. I’ve read all the slides a couple of times. I’ve written my own notes. I now see acronyms everywhere. I’m revising for Multi Agent Semantic Web Systems. Since there are so many acronyms in this bloody course, and it is a bit hard to get one’s head around all of them, I’ve made a […]

Twin Earth


The ability to imagine worlds parallel to ours might sound like the realm of science fiction novelettes and television space dramas. However, imagining an exact replica of Earth opens very interesting insights on the nature of meaning, language and even behavioral psychology. Hilary Putnam was one of the first philosophers to use the opportunities of […]

Tercer Año


Llevo ya un mes enfrascado en la continua batalla de ser un tercer año. Esta semana ha sido particularmente endiablada. Las “deadlines”, como aqui las llaman, se apilan una encima de otra, sin dejarme tiempo a tener una vida social. Los del equipo de rugby ya ni se acuerdan de mi, la tabla de skate […]