The Acronymic Web


Phew. I’ve read all the slides a couple of times. I’ve written my own notes. I now see acronyms everywhere.

I’m revising for Multi Agent Semantic Web Systems. Since there are so many acronyms in this bloody course, and it is a bit hard to get one’s head around all of them, I’ve made a list. Lists are good.


  • MASWS: Multi Agent Semantic Web Systems.
  • MAS: Multi Agent System.
  • URI: Uniform Resource Identifier. Looks like a URL, but doesn’t have to be addressable (it’s nice if it is, especially if what you retrieve is a representation of the resource).
  • URL: Uniform Resource Locator.
  • RDF: Resource Description Framework.
  • XML: eXtensive Markup Language.
  • DC: Dublin Core. Resource description convention originating from the world of curation and libraries.
  • N3: A way of expressing RDF statements as triples followed by a period.
  • DTD: Document Type Declaration.
  • IR: Information Resource. Any resource that can be captured in a message (like a weather report).
  • SPARQL: (recursive) SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language. There are similarities between RDF and conventional relational databases. SPARQL is to RDF what SQL is to them.
  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation.
  • SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol.
  • WS: Web Service. A software system designed to support  Machine-To-Machine interaction.
  • WSDL: Web Service Definition Language.
  • RPC: Remote Procedure Call.
  • UDDI: Universal Description, Discovery and Integration. Repositories where web services are listed in a yellow-page fashion.
  • KQML: Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language. “outer” language that defines the format of messages exchanged between agents.
  • KIF: Knowledge Interchange Format. Lisp-like notation of First Order Logic, used to define the content of messages exchanged between agents.
  • FIPA: Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents. Bringing a robot-war scenario to your world, many agents at a time.
  • FIPA-ACL: ditto – Agent Communication Language . Robots will speak this amongst each other while they argue upon the best way to erase the human race. It is nice because it allows for representing commitment. To kill.
  • FSM: Finite State Machine.

I’m not done, but i’m going to bed.



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    muy buen sitio… saludos y gracias por la info


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