Post in English, Post in Spanish


Yea, well, due to overwhelming boredom and lack of excitement in my life, I haven’t actually had anything to write about in the last few weeks. Yes. I am writing in english. Truth is, I have been asked to write in english, but not all my friends understand english. The solution? Write two posts every time? Or just two versions? Am I selling myself to the system by compelling with the crowd and writing in English? I doubt so.

Anyways, life is boring at the moment. Far from hectic, Edinburgh is a relaxed and quiet city that only awakens in the weekend when all the teenagers decide to go out and splurge on pints of Tennents, the local lager that makes both young and old both happy and joyful. Yes Tennent’s is what somehow keeps me from going nuts. Also ganja, but lager is cheaper and more available. Tastes like piss and that’s ok, cos you get drunk for very little money. Yes, very little money.

Anyways, weeks go by at an incredible pace. I just follow a standard procedure: Try to wake up, coffee, cig, shower, class, back, sleep, wake, dinner, up til 4 AM, cant sleep, watch some crap tv, sleep, wake up late for class, and repeat. Can’t complain though, routine usually keeps things going fine. And Easter is coming up.


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